Membership Features
Office hours M-F 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST
Demonstrate your support of Future Life Institute’s mission and goals by becoming actively involved as a Member of the Institute and connecting with others in the future life community. Be part of a vanguard group that is changing history.

Current and planned benefits of membership include:
Voting privileges on advisory issues referred to the membership by the leadership team
Invitations to local and regional events sponsored by other Members
Connection with other Members via events and an online community
Invitations to Future Life Institute annual conventions
Exposure to the Institute’s leadership team and founders
Ability to influence the Institute's operational priorities
Nominate candidates for membership
Priority admission to future life education programs
Institute Member rates for tuition at Future Life University

Application process

1. Membership application
2. Interview with the membership committee
3. Determination
4. Acceptance
5. Registration and donation

Membership fees
New members set their own donations.

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