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Demonstrate your support of Future Life Institute’s mission and goals by becoming actively involved as a Member of the Institute and connecting with others in the future life community. To complete your membership application, please answer the questions below.

Future Life Institute Membership Application
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Our Areas of Interest
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Enjoying a continuous identity
Opening a trans-life memory account
Assisting in system development

image Future life design
Receiving future life education
Receiving trans-life psychology counseling
image Perpetual families
Creating a permanent family network for my family
image Continual wealth
Preserving family wealth with continual networks
image Perpetual enterprises
Arts & sciences
Non-profit organizations
Commercial enterprises
image Continual friendships
Extended families
Continual couples
Perpetual friendships
image Global experiment
Participating in the experiment
Administering the experiment
Supporting the experiment
image Wisdom gap
Closing the wisdom gap between physical and spiritual sciences
image Global leadership
Legitimizing India’s wisdom traditions
Advocating for India to assert her global leadership role in ideology
image Youth
Rekindling young people's interest in spirituality
image Golden age
Promoting global acceptance of reincarnation as a scientific fact
Accelerating human conscious evolution
image Future
Raising world awareness of future lives
Galvanizing public support of long range future initiatives

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