Mathematics of Consciousness
Applying new technologies to improve future lives...
Updating modern science
The discovery of reincarnation is one of Hinduism’s greatest contributions to human civilization. Up until now, though, there has been no counterpart to this knowledge in modern science. Trans-life memory science and trans-life psychology, two of the central pillars of future life design, fill this vacuum in contemporary science by explaining multi-lifetime memories and helping people negotiate reincarnation more effectively.
Greater understanding
Future Life Institute is committed to the discovery and application of scientific research which provides humankind with greater knowledge and understanding of reincarnation and future lives. The Institute conducts advanced research to discover new scientific methods for improving future lives, and develops education programs to convey expertise in these methods to forward-thinking individuals. The Institute's research is presently concentrated in four major areas.
Cardinal laws of awareness
A 21st Century mathematics of consciousness has been developed which expresses the fundamental laws of awareness, along with the mechanics of its interplay with physical neurology, in quantitative terms using scientific equations. This research represents a historic milestone in understanding the dynamics of how mind and matter interact with one another, and in establishing spiritual science as a legitimate academic discipline.

The three primary laws and formulas are shown below along with a brief description. For a complete explanation, refer to the book Future Life Design.
  Law Formula Description
Law of Conservation of Awareness
Demonstrates how consciousness cannot be created or destroyed, and quantifies the relationship between major states of being.
C = consciousness value
n = a nominal constant, e.g., 100
U = unconsciousness value
Calculation of Beingness Volume
Calculates the volume of a spiritual being based upon its state of awareness.
BV = beingness volune
r = awareness level
First Law of Neurodynamics
Reveals, explains, and quantifies the dynamic interplay between neurochemistry, brainwave fields and consciousness.
U = unconsciousness value
V = voltage of brainwave field
R = resistance of neural network
      Move sliders to see law in operation.

C = Consciousness V = Voltage (brainwave field)
U = Unconsciousness R = Resistance (neurology)


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